Sunday, June 6, 2010


In this course we have made lots of readings about teaching and blending the technology with our teaching skills. I personally find the readings about Lesson Planning and Assessments very beneficial for my teaching skills. Creating a blog and Google sites were also very important titles for me. It is unnecessary to mention all the topics here but I must say all the readings and homeworks we did were completely new and useful for me. I tryed some of them in my class and got good results. Some of the issues we diccussed were hard to apply because every country and class have its own different circumstances in teaching. I am going to try to integrate all I learned in my classes. I have printed all the readings and bookmarked all the sites for future use. I am going to continue to learn about technology by updating my knowledge and my web skills regulary. I think the most important part of the course was having the opportunity to interact with many English Teachers from different parts of the world. I have learned many things from my colleagues through Nicenet. I hope to stay in touch with my course fellows and continue share our experiences and the technology about teaching.


  1. Dear Bulent,

    indeed, the greatest achievemnt of this course is that we learned from each other, we could get in toych with teacher from all over the world. That's right, we shared ou knowledge, we helped each other, we stayed tuned and in this way, we learned and improved our teaching methods.


  2. Hello, Bulent!

    I agree with you and Nadina, that the most important from this course - is our interneational colleagues. We can compare our life with life in other countries!

    Best wishes from Ukraine,

  3. Dear Bulent,

    I totally agree with you and the others. As I've just written on Eve's post, Learning by doing, sharing, collaboration, interaction discovering, constructing proved to be very effective, especially amongst educators who share the same interest.

    Wish you all the best in the journey of teaching with the Web.