Sunday, May 30, 2010


This week we had a one useful task in the course which was creating a one-computer classroom lesson. I have read informative posts of my collages, studied their lesson plans and found some of them applicable to my class. Our discussion topic was about self-direction and learners autonomy. Again, I had the change to read some important comments related to the topic. We wrote the first draft version of our project report and shared it with our project partner for suggestions and missing parts. Thanks to my partner Ruslana for she made important suggestions on my report. I cannot wait the to see the project reports of the other participants of the course, because I think some of them may help me in dealing with the problems I have in my classes.


  1. Hi Bulent.
    Indeed it is a good idea to receive feedback from all you classmates. I wish I did it because then you will get even greater help with your project and we have to use such a wonderful opprtunity to communicate with enthusiastic and experienced teachers we have in our class.
    But I hope after completing this course we will keep in touch and learn from each other.


  2. Dear Bulent,

    it's good to get feed-back, mainly when it is constructive: like this we learn and improve ourselves. We are here to learn together and to share our experience. I am very curious about some other reports too - I feel I will never finish mine, I have so many ideas, but no logical order to arrange them.

    Thanks for reading my blog and commenting my posts!


  3. Dear All,

    The project report was truly a hard task to complete this week. But, in my opinion, it turns positive that we have problems with completing it (perhaps Deborah should not read it) as it means our projects are still being carried out. This is what I consider valuable in any course, namely its potential to be continued even when the course finishes.

    Good luck!


  4. Dear Bulent,
    My partner' feedback was very constructive and she even pointed out for me that I was using the wrong project template.:-) Sometimes our eyes don't see what other do. I wish we had the chance to have a feedback from all our colleagues, but then it would have been an additional hard work.
    All the best,