Sunday, May 23, 2010


The course is coming to the end, we have only three weeks left. This week we have discussed about some techniques to make our classes more interactive. There were good comments about the subject and I must say I refreshed my knowledge with extra information. We have created a short PowerPoint slide show and shared it with the other members of the course. I used to think that PowerPoint presentations are interactive teaching tools but now I can see they may not be enough to create an interactive environment in the class. This week we have learned some ways to use them more efficiently in the class. We also suggest a parner for peer review and thank to Ruslana she accepted to work with me. I started to work on a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes our course and includes the topics that we talked about. I am planning to share the outcome of the course with my co-workers here.


  1. That,s a very nice plan. You have given me idea that I need to organize all the things we learned here so that I will be able to share also to other teachers...goodluck to you

  2. Hello, Bulent!!!

    I hope we will be a good team during peer review.

    And really nice idea about PP presentation after our course. But do you rememmer that all sites and everything that we created together will stay at Internet forever. It is really very useful, such as I had to copied all materials (including forums) from the course site during my on-line course of Britsh Council.

    Best wishes from Ukraine,

  3. Hi Bulent,
    Nice, short and informative reflections! Do your co-workers use technology too? If yes, you are lucky indeed. One day I looked for a colleague to help me at the computer lab. I found none! It was a very exhausting experience, yet, a very very rewarding one for my students. I never regret a second of being tired during the technology-enhanced teaching.
    See you around,

  4. Dear Bulent,

    indeed, this course brought some things to life, and one of them is the interactive power-point. It's a good idea to sum up everything in a ppt presentation and especially to share it, I hope with us too. A short revision is welcome.

    Good luck