Sunday, May 9, 2010


It was a busy week again. Sometimes I can not follow everyone's comment but I am happy to be there with the others. The week starded with the wonderful example of Ruslana's WebQuest page. I like it. All the participants described a potential change that might occur in their classes. I read my colleagues comments about the case and I think they might help me in the future. After reading about Project Based learning I create my own one. The comments about this discussion topic were important for me. I read wonderful posts and I am thinking of applying some of them into my class. ABCD method still holds its importance in our works. I am getting more familiar with it day by day.


  1. Hello Bulent,

    nice post, here, while reading it I could revise the entire week. I agree with you that the ABCD objectives are really important, at least for me. I hope for my students too.

    Keep up the good work,

  2. Hello from Ukraine!

    Thank you for so kind words about my WebQuest, but now, after reading of other WebQuests, which were designed by our participants, I understand that our group is THE BEST one. And everybody is so creative and hard-working!

    Best wishes, Ruslana