Sunday, May 2, 2010


The course is getting better day by day. In the fourth week we discussed the importance of Lesson Planning. The discussion was simply about planning the lesson and the benefits of it. The articles we read about Technology -Enhanced lesson plans were good examples on using the internet in writing instructions. This week we explored new web pages relating to reading and vocabulary. And of course I bookmarked them and shared them with my students and colleagues. This week the most important part of the course for me was sharing some class issues with the other participants. I recognize that some of my colleagues experience the same difficulties in the their classes too. Sharing their experiences was very important for me. This week's greatest contribution to my teaching skills is that I decided to reconsider my classware and add some more technology based activities into my lessons.

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  1. Hello, Bulent!

    I agree with you that course is getting better day by day, and it getting harder day by day also... As for me I spend almost 3-4 hours every day in our virtual class.
    And about class issues - you know that kids are different in different countries, but they are the same in their diference!!!

    Best wishes, Ruslana