Sunday, April 25, 2010


Using technology to improve aural/oral skills week helped me a lot. I was aware of some methods and I was already using them in my classroom but the articles which we read as an assignment enlarge my scope and made think about some other methods to use. My associates' comments were also helpful and they made me reconsider my aural/oral practices in my class. I have learned some voluable clues that I am going to use. Creating a delicious page and share it with the others was a good idea and it was very useful for me. I so much liked this activity that I am going to ask my student to do the same activity. And of course I am going to share it with my colleagues at my school.
The course really works........

Saturday, April 24, 2010


After two weeks of missing the course it was really good to be back. In the second week of the course I made some readings about ABCD system and read the comments of my colleagues about it. ABCD system seems to be a proper and sufficient system in considering the needs of our students. I will try to use it in my classes widely and maybe I can rearrange some of its phases to fit my students better. The second week of the course was also important for me because I have discovered new search engines. I am happy to know that besides Google there are some useful search engines too. I will recommend them to my students. Describing the class where I teach was a good task. I realized that in diffrent parts of the world there are similiar classes to mine, and the teacher of English experience mostly the same things. I also learned about some teaching tools and I am looking forward to use them myself.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

week 1

The first week of the course is really passing nice for me. During the orientation week, It was good to see Teachers of English from different parts of the world. Meeting new people is always exciting. This week I have learned how to create a blog and I am looking forward to use a similar blog for my students. I think blogging will help my students a lot. I am planning to add some documents about my course and ask my students to view them from their computers. Blogging really helps, it takes the boundaries of the classrom and makes learning easier.